Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Can't keep quiet

I have dusted off this blog because for a long time I was tired of people thinking that our food, water and air source wasn't clearly a detrimental danger to our health. However, there has been a huge shift over the last few years and especially the last few months as I have watched stories, opinions and actual results unfold. I have always always had a passion for healthier living. And for awhile I fell off of that a bit. Too much sugar, too much booze and improper eating and I blew up like a balloon. So I cut that shit out. However, with this new leaf my sugar cravings have intensified (did you know sugar is as addictive as heroin and if they brought that crap to the table now the FDA to approve they wouldn't be able to do it???). I have dropped about 30 lbs or so (none of my clothes fit) since November when I had a severe awakening. I bought the rolls Royce of water filters, went back to the gym and modified my eating and drinking habits immensely. Here is the thing you can't exercise your way to health. If you eat shit, you feel like shit. There is no quick fix pill that is gonna save you. You figure if someone has been eating like crap for 20 years they think that overnight they can feel better. Duh wrong. You have a choice...a choice and it is the same with other problems in your life. It is a choice to have that drink, that piece of cake or that bag of potato chips. It truly is common sense just like most of everything else in life. Now don't get me wrong, there are truly a very few ailments that are genetic. Here is a clue, stop making excuses. I am not afraid of telling people what I (we) do. Never been on antibiotics in 20 kids not for the last 11. No vaccines-and I don't want to hear about how terrible that is. It is my choice. Do the research and not the half baked lies the government tells you about them. There is a wealth of information that is not tainted. About 30% of what you read and hear may be true or pieces of it. Our body is a well oiled perfect machine but from day one even before day one, we start contaminating it. The average newborn now has over 200 toxins in their little bodies. So become an advocate for your own health. Your doctor is not. You have to be in charge of you! Here is to your health!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

More shopping for the holidays/melamine update


I have written before about the benefits of trying to do as much as we can organically and have mentioned some outstanding products from Australia which has international certifications and are the only whole food and supplement company that have the ACO (Australian Certified Organic), IFOAM (International Federation Organic Agriculture Movement) USDA and QAI. They simply are the best that I have tried. Please check out

She is the go to person I have found for this company.

Honestly-at this point I am not going to use anything else--and neither should you as long as it is 3rd party endorsed, is completely chemical free and has certifications. If your products do not and are not completely made up of plants, herbs, flowers and pure clean water--do not use them.

As the holiday season very quickly approaches there have been articles and websites inundated with "green" and "safe" toys.

http://www.momsrisi ys

The bottom line is that toys that are produced in China have BPA's and phtalates, BECAUSE the toy manufacturers allow it to happen and so does our government. We have the power to stop it all by not buying these toys. Now-there are going to be restrictions starting in 02/09-see this article

This is definitely great news. Now all products that are produced in China are not dangerous. the companies have to uphold a level of responsibility, which some do... you have to be your own champion and do the legwork.

Updates on the melamine scandal:

There has been controversy about the barcodes and what is safe from overseas. Just remember organic is best period and stay away from boxed and canned foods. I have said it before sustainable farming--there is a delivery service right here that delivers to our door

In addition the new year is upon us and we have a great fun detox/feeling and looking good 8 week program coming up that I am very excited about. Jasmine Whitehead who has a Master's in Public Health, is a LMT and has many other certifications and myself have put together a fun program for the New Year--stay tuned for details. I just got done weaning the baby so I still have a good 12-15 lbs to go!!

With that said happy shopping and blessings to all!!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shop and eat green for the Holidays

As the holidays quickly approach--the important thing is keeping healthy. All of the processed "junk" foods that are around every corner, lurking at neighbors homes, work, parties, etc...reach for the veggie and fruits trays and indulge slightly. It never has to be no-it has to be moderation. Here are some great new raw food websites:

Remember to keep Vitamin D3 on hand and take 5000-6000 iu's a day to keep all bronchial issues at bay. for children a maintenance dose is 2000-3000 iu's. If you feel the impending cold, flu or virus coming on you can take 50000 iu's for 3 days only and then back to a maintenance dose. Check out the summary on The Vitamin D Cure

For greener shopping:

Also check out this website for discounts:

Happy holidays to all:)


Monday, November 17, 2008

As many of you know the holiday season is approaching quickly. I urge all of you to make conscious eco friendly choices for Christmas. There are many posted on this blog. The Cool Moms Pick is listed and many other websites for earthy organic products. Please mindfully spend your money. Everyone loves a great book and they last forever.

I have included that 60 minutes special on e-waste--please watch and do what you can to reduce.

Also this is a great article on fingernail diagnosis!! I am going to live until 140!! And look great!!

I am very outspoken on what and why so many of us and our loved ones are faced with health scares. Like many if we remove the toxins out of our personal care items, water and food, heart disease, cancer and diabetes would disappear virtually overnight.
Great articles and a healing center located in Wheaton, IL

As far as personal care products--that has always been a big deal. our skin is the largest organ of the body and EVERYTHING that you put on your skin reaches every organ within 22 seconds...if you can not eat it-do not put it on your skin.

I have been speaking very highly of a wonderful organic, mindful company called miessence. Please visit:
for all of the information--all herbs, flowers and oils are produced from sustainable farming and internationally have the highest accreditation.

In great health!!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Safe Toy Guide


Check this out for great SAFE toys!!

Vaccines in the hotseat again

As many of you know that this is a sensitive topic for me and we are anti-vaccines for many reasons. The list is long and distinguished and if you want more info-please ask-there is a great section here on why...

I attend Dr. Mayer Einsteins' "Educate before you Vaccinate" seminar. This is the first time I heard him speak personally. I thought it was informative and I did learn one or two things.

What he also concentrated on was the flu vaccine and why NO one should ever receive it. There are 2 out of 7 compenents in every vaccine

1. Chicken embryos
2. Monkey kidneys
3. Human aborted fetal material
4. Formaldehyde
5. Aluminum
6. Thermisol (mercury)
7. Ethyl Alcohol (gasoline cutting agents)

The first 3 are in every vaccine-know I ask you why would we inject these into our bodies??? Our immune system is perfectly amazing and if we keep it running on optimal levels knowing what we know about the environment we can do a few simple things.

To ward off any bronchial issue you can use oil of oregano and/or Vitamin d3.

The thing about this symposium that bothers me is that Dr. Einstein was promoting his brand of D3. It was a compromised product. As I have always said-make sure whatever you take has 3rd party testing and endorsements plus it had gelatin in it. If any supplement has that or corn syrup of any kind do not by it!!

Check out this 9 minute clip of a Dr. with 28 years of research and presenting at the Wrold Conference on Vacinnology it is unbelievable!!

Also another wonderful newsletter to subscribe to is

Thanks to Sara for sending me the Buzz Cafe located in Oak Park--they have a wide range of organic meats. Please google and check it out!!

And last but not least-here is an awesome article from Body Ecology--

Body Ecology
Body Ecology's Health and Wellness e-newsletter

We have assessed the 10 most popular Body Ecology health articles from the past six months, based on unique views and other factors, and here they are below. We like to provide this to you periodically because we know how busy people can get and how they can easily miss some of the most important articles.

1) Why is the Omega-3 in Fish Oil Different and Superior to the Omega-3 in Flax?

2) 11 Powerful Tips to Boost Your Serotonin: “How Happiness Heals Your Brain”

3) How to Prevent Alzheimer's: Body Ecology's Top 8 Recommended Steps

4) The Seemingly Innocent Poison Making Its Way into Every Meal

5) Did You Know It is LIKELY You Have Parasites? Here's What You Need to Know and How to Eliminate Them

The holidays are coming, and that means more temptation to indulge in unhealthy foods such as sweets. Remember that the best way to prevent these cravings is fermented foods (read Natural Ways to Curb Your Appetite

.) We have a fresh supply of Coco-Biotic
in right now – one of our bestselling and best-tasting fermented foods – so be sure to stock up to avoid the “holiday food craving beast!”

6) How Fermenting Takes the “Allergy” Out of Soy and Other Foods

7) Kombucha: What It Is and Its Health Benefits ... and Health Drawbacks

8) How to Choose Stevia: Why Can There Be Such Variation in Quality & What to Watch For

9) How the Food Industry Often Cons the Public with “Probiotic Foods”: A Case Study

10) Copper Deficiency Affects 20% of Population: The Symptoms and Your Best Natural Solutions

I hope you find this informative and I apologize for the long delay--in addition I will be posting the Cool Moms Safer Toy Picks-thanks to Jasmine for that!!

Have a healthy day!!


Monday, October 6, 2008

More vaccine news/processed food warnings

Hello all!!

I have some very interesting articles this week...

Here is a great reference site from all of the research done regarding vaccine injury. Mercola posted this a few days ago.

This article was posted on about the FDA's warning for OTC meds for children:

Thursday, October 2, 2008
Cold Meds for Kids Back in the Spotlight
FDA to discuss whether the medications should be prescription only

By Amanda Gardner
HealthDay Reporter

(HealthDay News) -- After recommending earlier this year that children under the age of 2 not receive over-the-counter cold medicines, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday is meeting with the public to help answer an even more important question: Should kids' cold medicines remain "OTC" at all?

The issue is not a new one for regulatory bodies or the public.

In January, the FDA issued an updated health advisory recommending that over-the-counter (OTC) cough and cold preparations not be used to treat children under the age of 2 due to the possibility of life-threatening complications. These products include decongestants, expectorants, antihistamines and cough suppressants.

Just prior to the advisory, the makers of dozens of cough and cold remedies marketed for infants voluntarily recalled the products.

Despite scant evidence that such remedies are actually effective in children or adults, an estimated 10 percent of American kids take one or more cough and cold medications during a given week.

Yet the preparations can do more harm than good, research suggests.

An FDA review of records filed with the agency between 1969 and September 2006 found 54 reports of deaths in children associated with decongestant medicines made with pseudoephedrine, phenylephrine or ephedrine. It also found 69 reports of deaths associated with antihistamine medicines containing diphenhydramine, brompheniramine or chlorpheniramine. Most of the deaths involved children younger than 2.

And the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that some 7,000 American children under the age of 11 are treated each year in hospital emergency rooms because of problems with cough and cold medications.

According to Dr. Michael Spigarelli, an assistant professor of pediatrics and internal medicine at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, the recent debate originally stemmed from a lawsuit by a group of pediatricians who felt that cough and cold medicines were unsafe -- or at least never proven to be safe. This led to the FDA's statement earlier this year regarding young children.

Spigarelli will be testifying at the hearings. "The current hearings are looking at a wider pediatric age range," he said.

"If the FDA takes those medications off the market, the impact on the public is unknown at this point," said Chanin Wright, a pediatric clinical specialist with Scott & White and an assistant professor of pediatrics at Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine. "There's a risk that the parents would turn to adult formulations for their children which could potentially cause harm. I don't think the FDA wants that so they're asking expert opinion."

In addition to considering whether these medications should be over-the-counter or prescription, the hearings will cover a wide swath of territory, including questions of dosing and age range.

One of the most provocative issues is that of testing: What types of studies, if any, should be conducted in children and how should these studies be designed and powered?

"Testing in children is intensively debated," said Spigarelli. "It is felt by the FDA and most regulatory authorities that it is unethical to test in children, which means that pediatricians and family medicine doctors are left prescribing off-label, because it's equally unethical to let a kid suffer."

According to Spigarelli, 150 or so drugs have been tested in children since the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act, passed in 2002. The act extends the amount of time a pharmaceutical company has exclusive rights to market a drug if that company conducts studies in children of drugs the FDA thinks might be useful in younger age groups, he said.

But the reality remains that few drugs have actually been tested in pediatric populations, Spigarelli said.

"The world [notably, the European Union] has shifted to doing more testing on children, but most of the medications used on children have not been tested, and cough and cold medicines are in that category," he said.

More information

Visit the FDA
for more on its recommendation regarding over-the-counter cough and cold medications for young children.

SOURCES: Michael Spigarelli, M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor, pediatrics and internal medicine, division of adolescent medicine, Cincinnati Children's Hospital; Chanin Wright, Pharm.D., pediatric clinical specialist, Scott & White, and assistant professor, pediatrics, Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine; Sept. 25, 2008, U.S. Food and Drug Administration notice

Processed food awareness-eat more raw, organic food!!!

Swancc is having electronics recycling for free!! October 11!!

Have a clean, healthier home with uv-c sanitizer lights, air filtration at

As always-spend your money on mindful ways to help our environment which in turn helps our and your health.

On one last note today, I have read several reports regarding ADD, ADHD and Learning disabilities. They have now attributed many mis-diagnosed children with these so-called ailments. Sleep apnea and NDD (nutritional deficit disorder--see Dr. Sears' website for more info) are commonly diagnosed as the aforementioned!!

As always in great health--